YouthCode ® a super star for skin repairing and firming

YouthCode ® works to improve the appearance of fine lines appearing as crow’s feet, smile lines, brow crease on the face and neck. It is a highly advanced formulation that hits directly at the heart of the cells , stimulating the repair factors involved in the hydration, cellular detoxification and in the protection of the collagen store.





Instantly Reduces the Appearance

of Surface Dullness to Reveal
Beautiful, Radiant and Glowing Skin


What is YouthCode ® ?


YouthCode ® is a nourishing treatment in vials works to combat the signs of aging, It nourishes and regenerates the skin. Collagen, in synergy with Gardenia Jasminoides stem cells ,resveratrol, GGP and other natural oils are an extraordinary anti-wrinkle treatment that gives elasticity and firmness to the skin.

YouthCode ® also includes ceramides to promote a youthful-looking glow. With continued use, skin will look younger, feel smoother, and appear more radiant.

YouthCode ® is the most complete and effective natural strategy to give strength and vitality to the skin.


What is Inside of YouthCode ® ?


YouthCode ® with native collagen, is a perfect anti-aging ally that exerts an effective action against the loss of natural collagen, as well as an excellent epidermal redensifying function , and normalizing the cutaneous barrier. Its innovative formula combines collagen with the biocomplex of GARDENIA plant stem cells and resveratrol that exert a potent defense action against skin senescence, as well as density, elasticity and turgidity by stimulating the regeneration of natural collagen.

Helps restore skin cells, smooth out wrinkles and reduce eye puffiness, Give your eyes a visible uplift and helps increase skin elasticity to promote softer skin





Visible benefits

• Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin thus reduce wrinkles.
• Reduces visibility of crows feet, dark circles and eye puffiness.
• Used in conjunction with acne therapy to reduce inflammation and dryness.
• Relives itching and dryness due to eczema and psoriasis.
• Makes skin feel firmer and more radiant with every use.
• Promotes cell regrowth.

Direction of use

Apply a vial of youthcode, spreading drop by drop over the face and neck before applying your daily cream treatment.
For intensive treatment, we recommend applying at night before bedtime, to promote nocturnal regeneration of the epidermis.