Twistshake 2x Pacifier Pastel Blue Green 6+m

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Safe and stylish pacifier with orthodontic shape for healthy tooth development. Comes with air holes that prevent moist and irritated skin. Choose from several sizes, colours and designs. Free from BPA.

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Calm your baby with Twistshake’s safe and stylish pacifier! Its rounded shield, specially adapted for infants’ mouths, has four air holes to help keep the skin dry and comfortable. The orthodontic shape of the silicone pacifier ensures healthy development of your baby’s teeth. Available in two sizes: 0–6 months and 6+ months. Choose from a selection of stunning colours and designs. All Twistshake’s pacifiers are, of course, free from BPA, BPS and BPF.


– BPA-free – a safe and secure product for you and your baby.
– Two sizes – 0–6 months and 6 months +.
– Choose from several colours and designs.
– Gentle to the skin thanks to the four air holes.
– 100% soft silicone of the highest quality.
– Orthodontic form for healthy tooth development


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