Dual Action Whitening Cream

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OrangeDaily® Dual Action Whitening Cream
Lightens skin and age spots using Vitamin C and lactic acid to suppress tyrosinase, regulate melanin and help to balance the complexion of your skin. Vitamin C protects against free radical and sun damage from UVA / UVB rays and stimulates collagen.
Size: 57g

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OrangeDaily® Dual Action Whitening Cream
Naturally lightens and balances complexion tone irregularities and “age spots,” and balances skin chemistry using lactic acid and vitamin C.

OrangeDaily® Dual Action Whitening Cream with vitamin C and lactic acid suppresses tyrosinase, the enzyme that increases melanin that causes darker, uneven skin pigmentation. Lactic acid also helps maintain moisture balance. Vitamin C, the second component in the dual-action formula, also inhibits melanin formation, promotes collagen biosynthesis and prevents free radical formation. Gently smooth a small amount of Brightening Cream to discolored areas with the fingertips. This cream is also an excellent moisturizer, so if you choose to use it over broader areas, such as the entire face and neck, substitute it for the Moisturizing Cream.