Premeno® Duo Vaginal ovules for vaginal dryness

Premeno® Duo are non-hormonal vaginal ovules for vaginal dryness and/ or recurrent vaginal infection. . Easily inserted, with no mess or sticky residue, these ovules can provide long lasting relief and help restore the natural vaginal pH.
The active substances are biocompatible and therefore, have a very low risk of side effects.


Natural treatment for vaginal dryness and atrophy


What is Premeno® Duo

The vaginal moisture contents are primarily controlled by the female sex hormone oestrogen.
An oestrogen deficiency can lead to a decrease of the hyaluronic acid concentration in the vaginal skin, thus leading to a decrease of moisture, elasticity and tissue stability.
A decrease of the oestrogen concentration also leads to a reduced production of lactic acid in the vaginal wall. The natural, acidic pH balance increases and the vaginal flora is not sufficiently protected from infections.

Premeno® Duo – double mechanism of action regulates moisture and pH balance.
Hyaluronic acid has a balancing effect on the vagina’s moisture contents. At the same time, it also promotes wound healing in tissue, leading to a faster healing of tears and fissures associated
with vaginal dryness.

Lactic acid/sodium lactate combination adjusts the vagina’s natural pH balance ranging from 3.8–4.5 and promotes a decreased risk for infection.

What is Inside of Premeno® Duo

Hyaluronic acid
ensures that the skin and mucous membrane remain moist and elastic. It also plays an important role in the healing process and tissue recovery. In addition to this, it inhibits the growth of Candida albicans, the most common causative agent of vaginal mycosis.

Lactic acid/sodium lactate
they return the pH of the vagina to its natural levels of 3.8-4.5 and thus reduces the risk of infection. The active substances are naturally present in the body, so the risk of onset of side effects is very low.

Premeno® Duo the colorless and odorless ovule is simple to use and can be inserted regularly for preventative and/or therapeutic purposes, up to once daily. Premeno® Duo does not contains hormones.

Premeno® Duo , the new way to achieve vaginal hydration.


Visible benefits

• Supports healing of damaged vaginal epithelium.
• Reduces the risk of harm to the mucous membrane due to mechanical damage.
• Restores the correct levels of vaginal hydration, thus also improving sexual wellbeing.
• Improves defense against infections:
-prevention of bacterial vaginosis (infection of the vagina).
-vaginal mycoses (fungal infection of the vagina).


Direction of use

• For the prevention and treatment of dry vaginal epithelium:
This product may be used once daily to once every three days.

• Vaginal dryness resulting from oestrogen deficiency during or after the menopause:
Loading dose: Insert 1 ovule in the evening before bed for 10 consecutive days.

• Maintenance treatment:
For a lasting effect, insert 1 ovule every 3 days after finishing the loading dose, for as long as you consider appropriate.

Insertion of the ovule into the vagina is simple. The ovules should be inserted using a finger as deep as possible into the vagina. It completely dissolves there after a few minutes. Premeno® Duo must not be used after the expiry date (given on the pack).