Prefert® Lubricant when trying to get pregnant

Prefert® Vaginal Gel is a lubricant for couples trying to conceive at home. It is used prior to intercourse during the time of ovulation. During ovulation the properties of the cervix and cervical mucus are changing. This mucus is alkaline.
Prefert® has a similar pH-value like cervical mucus during the fertile days of a woman (period of ovulation in the female cycle).


Become pregnant by natural means


What is Prefert®

Prefert® Vaginal Gel is a sperm friendly lubricant specially designed to aid natural conception by creating an environment in which sperm has the best chances of reaching a woman’s eggs. Experts reckon that, in 20-25% of all couples trying for a baby, a woman’s vaginal pH that is too acidic could be responsible for compromised fertility. An additional factor in many cases is too low a number of fertile sperm.

Prefert® promotes sperm activity at the time of ovulation, Provides an optimal environment for sperm, Ideal pH for natural conception, Improves mobility of sperm and reduces the osmotic barrier to optimize the sperm cells migration.

What is Inside of Prefert®

Main active ingredient
obtained from larch wood acts as an antioxidant that protects sperm and creates the ideal conditions for fertilization.

Purified Water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, Pluronics, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, Carbomer, Methylparaben, sodium hydroxide, potassium phosphate, propylparaben.

Prefert® Vaginal Gel creates an environment in which sperm has the best chances of reaching a woman’s eggs. With a neutral pH of 7.2, Prefert protects sperm from too acidic an environment, thereby ensuring their survival. Its osmotic properties provide optimum room for manoeuvre. Sperm motility is boosted. The ideal jump-start for sperms to successfully find their way to a woman’s eggs.

Prefert® Vaginal Gel creates the optimum conditions for pregnancy.


Visible benefits

• Protects sperm from acidic environments.
• Promotes sperm survival.
• Improves motility on the way to a woman’s eggs.
• Aids natural fertility.


Direction of use

The most effective time to use is on the three most fertile days of the female cycle (time of ovulation).
Prior to sexual intercourse, five minutes before intercourse with the applicator inserted directly to the vagina.