CH-Alpha® Plus For Sustainable Mobility

CH-Alpha® Plus is a unique combination of liquid drinkable components which generally known with its high bioavailability and efficacy. It accumulates in joint tissue, thus stimulating the chondrocyte cells to produce collagen and proteoglycans the main components of Cartilage.
After 3 months of using The result: CH-Alpha® Plus a significant changes appear in joint cartilage as it stimulate cartilage regeneration and maintains mobility.


An innovative ingredient for the regeneration of joint cartilage

What is CH-Alpha® Plus

CH-Alpha® Plus is a natural product with an amino acid composition that is nearly identical to the collagen found in the extracellular matrix of the joints in the body.

CH-Alpha® Plus is proven to stimulate chondrocyte cartilage cells, which are responsible for the maintenance of cartilage health. Studies have shown that CH-Alpha® Plus increases the concentration of collagen and proteoglycans through the effect it has on chondrocyte cells.

CH-Alpha® Plus contains FORTIGEL® {Bioactive Collagen Peptides}, a unique collection of proteins and amino acids, which are the building blocks necessary for joint health. Hyaluronic acid, selenium, and rose hip extract with no artificial sweeteners to make it the most unique joint support formula in the world.

FORTIGEL® Bioactive Collagen Peptide formula is scientifically supported to regenerate cartilage without significant drug interactions or side effects.

What is Inside of CH-Alpha® Plus

Bioactive Collagen Peptide
Is an innovative ingredient for the regeneration of joint cartilage,
helping to ease joint discomfort and make the joints smooth and mobile.

Noticeable pain reduction by reducing inflammation parameters and preventing joint damage. It also inhibits proteases enzymes, which are responsible for the cartilage degeneration.

Important nutrients for collagen synthesis of the cartilage tissue Protects the cells in the body from free radicals.

Prevents the breakdown of cartilage, and rebuilding healthy cartilage and maintaining strong bones.

Hyaluronic Acid
It is abundantly present in the synovial fluid and acts as a lubricating agent.

CH-Alpha® Plus with its delicious cherry-flavored has been developed to help people with chronic joint symptoms (CJS) / Osteoarthritis improve their flexibility and joint pain from osteoarthritis related cartilage wear & tear.
Our revolutionary Bioactive Collagen Peptide® formula is scientifically proven to improve cartilage health/thickness and joint pain symptoms from osteoarthritis in just 2 to 3 months without significant drug interactions or side effects.

Because life is movement
By keeping people physically active and mobile,
® Plus can improve quality of life


Visible benefits

• Reduce the need of analgesic
• Increase mobility
• Increase load bearing ability of joints
• Regeneration and maintenance of the joints cartilages
• Enhanced quality of life due to mobility improvement
• Strong anti-inflammatory effects on interleukins
• Inhibitory properties against metalloproteinase


Direction of use

Drink 1 vial per day. Shake well before use
For CH-Alpha® Plus to be effective, it needs to be taken for three to six months.
For best results, we recommend that you drink one bottle before bed time.

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